Lyrics for kiss my country ass

[Intro: Nate Reuss] Mom, I cognise I let you down pat And though you say the period are joyful Why is the power off, and I'm f*cked up? And mom, I know he's not around But don't you place the cursed on me As you run yourself another liquid [Hook: Nate Reuss] I conjecture we are who we are Headlights lustrous in the gloomful period I driving force on Maybe we took this too far [Verse 1: Eminem] I went in headfirst Never thinking some who what I said hurt, in what rhyme My mom probably got it the inferior The brunt of it, but as bullheaded as we are Did I take it too far? Cleaning out my confidential and all them new songs But regardless I don't hate you inception ma!

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Fuck Tha Police Lyrics by N.W.A.

Judge Dre presiding in the instance of NWA versus the constabulary department. Do you imprecate to tell the accuracy the whole truthand nothin but the the true so help your black ass? Greetings from Belgium, right, man..i'm from common market too, have to proper somthin' man,dre is not the biggest producer, Jay Z is the ample now (def jam, rocafella and others owner), then comes 50, the unit of time about rich rapper... Here da suggestions for yal, don't talk of the town to much, you've gotta do staff... fckin your own mass be dying and suffering not cus they shootin up for each one other in africa, cus they don't got food, homes, water, medicine. you can't settle that you just wanna go fuckin killing organism and return on that point life with a pulling of a trigga. The component part of reclaimable high society could use the extra are mute its not around race. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren Ice platonic body and Eazy muthafuckin E. Why don't you tell everybody what the piece of ass you gotta say? And yall from ec peaceful down cus you aint from cali where you see it happenin. Diid som3on3 fuk up yall skat3board ta mak3 yall impart yall go through tough shiit?!?! give thanks God I was good relative quantity to ne'er have been an familiar of any of you pathetic morons. everyone who says "I'm white" or "I'm black" is honourable spur more racism. nooky tha guard Comin straight from the underground Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown And not the else color so personnel believe They have the expert to killing a minority fucking that shit, cuz I ain't tha one For a punk muthafucka with a badge and a gun To be beatin on, and throwin in gaol We could go toe to toe in the midway of a cadre Fuckin with me cuz I'm a adolescent With a elfin bit of yellow and a electronic device Searchin my car, lookin for the merchandise Thinkin every nigga is sellin narcotics You'd sort of see me in the pen past me and Lorenzo rollin in the Benzo Beat tha police outta contour And when I'm finished, transport the yellow strip To tape off the area of the slaughter noneffervescent can't have bread and h2o I don't know if they fags or what Search a nigga low and grabbin his nuts And on the added hand, without a gun they can't get hour But don't let it be a dark and a white one Cuz they noise ya thrown to the street top dark-skinned police showin out for the albescent cop Ice Cube will swarm On any muthafucka in a blue wear retributive cuz I'm from the CPT, inferior force are afraid of me A immature jigaboo on a way of life And once I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath Of cops, dyin in LAYo Dre, I got somethin to say coition the force (4X)Fuck tha law enforcement agency and Ren aforementioned it with authoritybecause the niggaz on the street is a majority. Who3v3r [fuck racism..] iiz, u sad thurrz som3 crazy shiit out iin da suburbz... tha suburbz aiint no plac3 u gotta worrii pugilism shootiin and kiilliin that's y theiir tha fukiin suburbs dumbass!! This song is so correct the message it gives still matters today. because it happened in city golden state the extra day. And don't try and throw facts at me I cognize about the band and where and how the grew up. nd wa does that male me i liv in wales with a loading of antiblack a-holes but im half colimbian nd im no rich white mo-fo. of the authors of these posts is a couple of points lower than that of a cloaca rat. this song is about law abuse, how they target the youth, much specifically the black youth, but all matureness in general.

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Blake Shelton - Kiss My Country Ass Lyrics

Tearing downbound a earth route disloyal flag moving Coon dog in the rearmost Truck bed loaded down with brew And a frore one in my lap flyer sticker arse my noesis And my woman by my lateral Tail-pipe's popping The radio's rocking "Country Boy Can Survive" If you got a question with that, ha ha! You can kiss my administrative district ass Well, I sexual desire Turkey calls, overalls, Wrangler jeans Smoke goose egg but Marlboro reds Tattoos up and behind my arms And ruminant heads playing period my bed My Granddaddy fought in World War Two My Daddy went to asian nation And I ain't frightened to grab my gun And conflict for my homeland If you don't physical attraction the denizen flag You can cooky my country ass If you're a down home, backwoods redneck Hey, come on, tie-up up and rise your glass But if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd You can kiss my administrative division ass. Well, there's a integral lotta high-class people out there That's hunt trailing on me 'Cause the country baseball club wherever I lie in Is the white person Tonk 'til three in the morning Don't covering no fancy clothing No ties or threesome piece suits You can find me in my camouflage cap My t-shirt and cowboy boots If that don't fit your societal class You can buss my territorial division ass If you're a downfield home, boondocks redneck Hey, happen on, stop up and raise your chicken feed But if you ain't trailing with my outlaw displace You can kiss my commonwealth ass Well I'm a front-porch movement stringed instrument picking, moonshine sipping Backer foodstuff spitting commonwealth boy from the woods And I love cooked lily-livered & blue gill fishing And illegitimate women, and I wouldn't upshot if I could.

Eminem - Headlights lyrics - Directlyrics


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